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Sigmoid integrates data engineering, data science, and analytics to help enterprises gain a competitive edge through improved decision-making.

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Data Strategy

Modernize your data fabric and build a robust analytics roadmap to accelerate business initiatives.

Data Engineering

Improve efficiency of data pipelines on cloud and operationalize AI platforms to drive business outcomes.

Data Science

Proven AI consulting and production-level ML services to deliver high success rate on your analytics initiatives.


Speed up time to insights and enhance decision-making with pre-built analytics assets and proprietary frameworks using our data engineering and AI/ML expertise.

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Reckitt's cloud optimization journey with Sigmoid

“Sigmoid has been a vital part of our success story. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in managing data in multi-cloud environments and with their expertise we have been able to achieve cloud cost visibility at an appropriate level across our cloud infrastructure.”

Aritro Ghosh

IT&D Senior Data Engineering Manager, Reckitt

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